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Snow Removal and Gardening Professionals in King City, ON

Snowball Garden Centre is a family-run business founded by Joe and Mary Racco in 1994. The founders purchased the company from another family, as they wanted to enter the gardening business. This great opportunity in a developing town and the beautiful location prompted the founders.


Before long, we had developed it into a full-scale garden centre, which we built with our own hands. Since then, we have added Snowball Snow Removal to the fold, and now we enjoy seeing our service-crossover and repeat customers all year-round. Contact us for snow removal or any gardening needs.

Owners of Snowball Garden Centre


Warm People, Amazing Service

“This is a son and mom operation very family-oriented and the nicest people you will ever meet. I buy all my plants and firewood here and highly recommend them. Mary is the nicest warmest person you will ever meet plus she drives a Volvo!! What more can I say? Sam knows everything and everyone in King City. I love this family. Great people! Keep up the good work.”

Marcel A

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